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British Management University Hosts Successful BMU HI-TECH DAY with Axioma School and Match Systems

British Management University (BMU) in Tashkent hosted 25.11 the eagerly anticipated BMU HI-TECH DAY, a landmark event in collaboration with Axioma School and Match Systems. The program was dedicated to an in-depth exploration of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity.

Event Highlights:
Students gained a thorough understanding of blockchain technology, including its principles, types, and varied applications. Discussions and examples highlighted blockchain's significant role in industries like finance and logistics.
The AI segment provided insights into the history and current state of AI, giving students a comprehensive view of its development.
Core topics like machine learning and neural networks were presented, laying the groundwork for advanced AI studies.
The event emphasized the importance of recognizing digital threats and applying cybersecurity principles.Students were equipped with strategies for protecting personal and corporate information in the digital age.
A session dedicated to AI model training using cloud services allowed students to apply their learning practically.

Renowned for its excellence in tech education, Axioma School's involvement ensured a high-quality learning experience.
Match Systems brought their specialized knowledge in cryptocurrency, enriching the blockchain and cybersecurity components of the event.

BMU HI-TECH DAY marked a significant achievement for British Management University in its mission to provide top-tier technology education. The successful collaboration with Axioma School and Match Systems exemplified BMU's dedication to offering its students access to cutting-edge technology and expertise, preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow's digital landscape.